IIS Administration API

FINALLY! Microsoft decided to make our life much easier by introducing IIS Administration API. Even though there are many methods that can be used to manage IIS(appcmd, .Net, Powershell, GUI, etc..) all of them are “closed”. IIS Administration API is an open and standard REST API interface that can be consumed regardless of the management […]

Setuping a server for web hosting – part 4: Installing PHP

Hello after a very long pause 🙂 . Continuing the “Setuping a server for web hosting” series with the new smashing video of how to install PHP on your machine! AWESOME right? 🙂 In the very begining of the post, lets learn what PHP is exactly. So, Wikipedia says ( and I add that I […]

Setuping a server for web hosting – part 3: Installing MySQL

Back by popular demand 🙂 part 3 of the “setup my web server” tutorials 🙂 In this post we will cover the instalation of MySQL on a Windows 2008 R2 based server. The process is the same if you would have a Windows 2003 machine also. At the beginning, lets see what MySQL is. MySQL […]

Setuping a server for web hosting – part 2: Installing SQL 2008 Express

Hello there… In order to  install SQL 2008 Express, we have to download it first . Fire up your favorite browser and point it to http://www.microsoft.com/express/download/ . After that, find the box with the SQL 2008 Express, and click download. On the next step you have the option to register with Microsoft or download the […]