Cook!? Can you warm up my application? NO! I cannot!:D

In the beginning, some c/p from IIS site: IIS Application Warm-Up for IIS 7.5 enables IT Professionals to improve the responsiveness of their Web sites by loading the Web applications before the first request arrives. By proactively loading and initializing all the dependencies such as database connections, compilation of ASP.NET code, and loading of modules, […]

Using compression on IIS servers? Yes or no?

Well…in the very beginning, my answer is pretty much simple : yes AND no!  Why you ask?  Just keep reading… Compression, regardless if its the compression of static or dynamic content is using CPU – that is a fact we can all agree upon. Lets say compression is a tradeoff – CPU for bandwidth..use more […]

Windows hosting cluster anyone?

Since cloud hosting has become very popular today 🙂 I have decided to try creating windows cluster for plain old hosting service. Since we are already using WebSitePanel as our main control panel for windows server, the goal is to leave everything running the way it is now, but with the possiblity to add new […]

Setuping a server for web hosting – part 4: Installing PHP

Hello after a very long pause 🙂 . Continuing the “Setuping a server for web hosting” series with the new smashing video of how to install PHP on your machine! AWESOME right? 🙂 In the very begining of the post, lets learn what PHP is exactly. So, Wikipedia says ( and I add that I […]

Don’t run production ASP.NET Applications with debug=true

Found an awesome post on DotNetPanel blog so I had to repost it 🙂 One of the things you want to avoid when deploying an ASP.NET application into production is to accidentally (or deliberately) leave the switch on within the application’s web.config file. Doing so causes a number of non-optimal things to happen including: 1) […]