Autodiscover with SmarterMail…or any other mail server

Since I work in a big web hosting company, we have A LOT of phone calls and tickets from people who dont know how you set up their mail client ( mostly Outlook and Thunderbird ). Since I got fed up with it, I decided to explore how autodiscover for Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird […]

SystemCenter Solutions 2012 Beta avaiable for download!

System Center solutions help you manage your physical and virtual IT environments across datacenters, desktops, and devices. Using these integrated and automated management solutions, you can be a more productive service provider for your business. As a result of feedback we have gathered from all around the IT Pro universe, some great changes have been […]

Encrypt your web.config file

Recently, I had a request from a customer, where he wanted to encrypt his web.config file ( wee, a part of it ). Since he didnt know how to do it by himself, he asked us to do it. Basically, the procedure is very simple. First, open IIS manager and find the web site you […]

Remote MSSQL…oh, you imbecil! :)

Not very often, you will get the following error: Error: The server principal “” is not able to access the database “” under the current security context. This is because the MS SQL Server is attempting to execute a SQL query to retrieve a list of databases along with  some other formation about those databases. […]

Automatic time update in Windows (sync with internet time a.k.a NTP server )

Few days ago, I had a strange issue where all of a sudden, the statistics on some of my web servers stopped working. First thought was, nah, its some PEBKAC issue. Statistics was working great, and nothing in the configuration wasnt changed for months. The customer must have some outdated link, wrong password or something […]