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My name is Alesandro Slepčević, some call me “Ales”, some call me “Slepix”…and some other stuff too, depending on the situation 🙂

I was born 18.03.1985 in Split, soon after, my parents moved to Pula where I finished elementary school, high school and some college.

Ever since I was little I was playing with computers. My first computer was Commodore 64. At that time I was more interested in playing games rather than programming or doing ANYTHING serious  ( but hey, what could be more serious than games at my age? )

My first big love before computers was eletronics, ever since I was little I had the urge to take everything apart, and TRY to put it back together, just to see how it works. Do I have to say that most of the time I failed miserabely?

With time, slowly I realized that “plain” electronics really isn’t for me and I focused my self more on the computers and its hardware components. By the time I was in 7th grade ( around 13 years old ) I was already assembling computers from scratch on my own ( it turned out,  that knowing how the computers really works came in handy in solving lots of issues I have to solve at my work or at home) .

Bigger interest for networks and internet started after watching the movie “Hackers” ( Angelina Jolie FTW!  😀 ); ofcourse, I knew that “hacking” isn’t like flying thru the Gibson and I knew that laptops don’t project the image on your face.

At my first year in high school I already had more knowledge about computers and everything around them than my professors, so it wasnt weird to hear them asking me to write some lectures for them. Funny remark is that I was getting 120-130% of the points on my exams :).

Currently, I have my dream job! I am working at the biggest Croatian web hosting company called Plus hosting as a Windows Server Administrator.

Most of posts you will read are heavily influenced by my work there, so you have a chance to see what my job consists of  (ofcourse, I will not reveal ALL tips and tricks here 🙂

I also did presentations about web hosting services at Microsoft User Groups at University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split, Microsoft HQ in Zagreb (Croatia) and Polytechnic Pula – College of applied sciences.

You can contact me using this email address : blog(a) .

Bye bye for now, Alesandro


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