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IIS Administration API

FINALLY! Microsoft decided to make our life much easier by introducing IIS Administration API.

Even though there are many methods that can be used to manage IIS(appcmd, .Net, Powershell, GUI, etc..) all of them are “closed”.
IIS Administration API is an open and standard REST API interface that can be consumed regardless of the management platform you’re using.

Just imagine the possibilities:
– integrating IIS management to your existing management platform
– managing IIS clusters with ease
– deploying hundreds of websites in “seconds”
– limited web site migrations (I know you still have IIS 6 machines somewhere :D)
– etc…

Great demo of the service can be found on

So, what do you need to get this thing working?

1. Obviously, IIS 🙂
2. .Net core and ASP.Net Core module which can be downloaded from this
3. Download the latest version of MS IIS Administration API from this link
4. Visit
5. Click “Get Access Token”
6. Go wild 🙂

Also, take a look at API explorer before you dive into it –

In the next post, I will show you how to use Powershell to create and manage your websites. Stay tuned.

Cheers, Alesandro.

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