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Websitepanel 1.2.1 with Windows Server 2012, IIS8 and MSSQL 2012 – part 1

wspFirst of all, you need to know that this project will be described in two or three posts, since there is a lot of stuff to cover.

In this first, introductory post, I will only give you  rough details of the modifications we did,  and  most important, why we did them in the first place.



Since the new version of Websitepanel 2.0 has been crippled ( specifying the number of domain aliases and the drop of support for Windows Server 2003 /IIS6/SQL 2005 ) we have decided to implement the support for Windows 2012 and SQL 2012 into the currently avaiable 1.2.1 version.

I am aware that this change puts us out of WebsitePanel’s update roadmap, but since I honestly don’t like where the project is going, I don’t see it as a big problem since we are using it only for our shared hosting customers which only user IIS, SQL, FTP and email services. We have no need for OCS, Dynamics, Sharepoint, etc…

This modification is something we just had to do in order to give our customers features they are already used to have, but at the same time giving us  and our customers access to the newest features of IIS8 and MSSQL 2012  while still maintaining a single control point, aka central management system for all of your Windows 2003/R2, Windows 2008/R2 and Windows 2012 servers.

To get the idea of what exactly I am talking about, have a look at these posts:

So, what we needed to do?

First Layer was the code modification itself.

This is a rough list of modifications we had to do:

1. Modify the operating system provider

2. Modifying the web server provider

3. Modifying the FTP server provider

4. Modifying the MSSQL server provider

Second layer is adding the new providers to the Websitepanel database

Third and the most complicated layer( atleast for me 🙂  ) is the modification of the Websitepanel Portal in order to have SQL server 2012 listed. Please note that we didn’t ADD the new entries for SQL Server 2012, but we have just modified the SQL server 2000 entries. We could do that because we were not using SQL server 2000.  If you are using it, you will need to add new entries to the Websitepanel Portal code.

Since we were adding new entries to the database manually, through SQL Server Management Studio, I don’t have the “magic” query you could just run on your database and have everything installed. Sorry for that :/

Please note that we have our modified version of Websitepanel 1.2.1 already in production and it is being used by our shared hosting users.( Plus hosting – )

Bye bye for now, see you again in a couple of days with the post nr.2 🙂

If you need the modified DLL files right now, feel free to drop me an email using the contact form on the top left corner of the website.

Ciao, Alesandro.



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