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Setuping a server for web hosting – part 2: Installing SQL 2008 Express

Hello there…

In order to  install SQL 2008 Express, we have to download it first . Fire up your favorite browser and point it to . After that, find the box with the SQL 2008 Express, and click download.


On the next step you have the option to register with Microsoft or download the software without registration.  I will choose the “no registration part”.


In the new window, choose the version you would like to install. Personally, I will choose “Runtime with advanced services“. By clicking on install, Microsoft will ask to install the Microsoft Web Platform installer. If you dont have it installed, click on the picture to install it.


Choose “Run”, and after the download, again, choose “Run“. Wait for the installtion to finish and look at the top of the browser, a little bar will pop up and ask us if we want to run Active X control.  Make sure the publisher is “Microsoft Corporation”. Click on “Run“, and then on Allow.

Now, look at the video of the installation I have made for you. The video will show you the process of installing SQL Server 2008 Express.

After that, all you need to do is run the “SQL Server Configuration Manager” under “Configuration Tools” and configure it the way you want it.

BTW, the track used is La Noche by Coca & Villa .IT’s AWESOME!!!

Have fun…bye!

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