Project Honolulu – MS, welcome to 2017!

TLDR – I like it. After bringing us IIS Administration API, Microsoft managed to do one more useful thing! Wooohoo! 😀 Let’s start with some shameless C/P from Microsoft’s website 🙂 – Honolulu is a locally deployed, browser-based, management tool set that enables on-premises administration of Windows Servers with no Azure or cloud dependency. – […]

IIS Administration API

FINALLY! Microsoft decided to make our life much easier by introducing IIS Administration API. Even though there are many methods that can be used to manage IIS(appcmd, .Net, Powershell, GUI, etc..) all of them are “closed”. IIS Administration API is an open and standard REST API interface that can be consumed regardless of the management […]

Really simple PRTG and Pushover integration using Powershell

Recently I had to write a script that will send PRTG notifications via Pushover to the admins on call. It turned out, the script itself is very, very simple. Powershell script: $step=$args | out-string $uri = “” $parameters = @{ token = “YourToken” user = “PushoverUserdID” message = “$step” } echo $parameters | out-file c:\work\pushover.txt […]

Smartermail – kill active connections on password change – “fix”

Well, if you got here, I don’t have to explain the issue, do I? 🙂 Basically, if you have a spammer on your Smartermail email server, changing the password will not kill the currently active sessions, thus, the spammer can keep sending emails. In this case, only a restart of Smartermail would solve the issue […]